Friday, August 9, 2013

Can you answer these?

My daughters was the finals for my trivia's league's mini-league about Jews and Judaism was yesterday. here arethe final questions. How would you do? I got all but 2.

1.  The design of nearly all thermonuclear weapons today is named for the two European-born Jewish physicists who developed it. Name one of them.

2.  The Hebrew script seen here is named for what influential Jewish thinker? Click here

3.  In a throwaway joke from Crimes and Misdemeanors, the character played by Woody Allen says of his nemesis, played by Alan Alda, "I love him like a brother — David Greenglass." What real-life American had the misfortune (fatal, as it turned out) to have David Greenglass for a brother?

4.  Name the 17th-century Sephardic rabbi, born in Smyrna, who was perhaps the most prominent and influential self-proclaimed Messiah of the Common Era.

5.  What is the stage name of Sharon Cohen, the transgender Israeli pop star who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998?

6.  Sociology as a formal academic discipline was established by this French Jew, whose works include The Rules of Sociological Method and Suicide.

7.  A genizah is a repository for damaged or worn-out sacred texts that cannot simply be thrown away. The largest and most famous genizah, containing material dating back as far as 1000 years, was discovered in 1864 in what city?

8.  What, specifically, does the presence of an eruv enable an observant Jew to do?

9.  Both the son and granddaughter of the great American comedian and musician Mickey Katz have had notable careers in show business. What is their shared surname (not Katz)?

10.  Name the landmark 1914 Yiddish play by S. Ansky about a young bride who is possessed on her wedding day by an other-worldly spirit.

11.  In 1605, the Christian missionary Matteo Ricci discovered a small but distinct Jewish population, which had evidently been in existence there for at least several centuries, in what Chinese city?

12.  What is located at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, a building known in some Jewish circles simply as "770"?

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