Sunday, July 21, 2013

Resouling and Resoling

Resouling and resoling
Judaism emphasizes "vayinafash" the importance of resouling. Shabbat for example, it says Shabbat vayinafash, shabbt is for resouling.
One of the best ways to resoul, is to re sole. If your feet hurt because of bad shoes, its impossible to resoul.
Best place in Chicagoland to resole and therefore resoul, is
Sandler's Shoes Lansing Illinois, near the Indiana border 5 minutes off of US 94. Its worth the drive

It's the rare old fashioned kind of shoe store where they actually wait on you, measure your feet, and feet, or fit,  you properly. Wide selection. If Beverly is there, tell her you love Israel and you'll get a big smile.

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