Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Why Clinton's push for 2 state solution is misguided

Clinton Weighs In
Former president says Israelis have no alternative to two-state solution. What is wrong with this? a. he had 8 years, tried hard and saw it was not possible. Monday morning quaterbacking if ever there was one. THERE IS NO ONE TO MAKE PEACE WITH! b. What Clinton based it on is a myth! From Haaertz Birth rate has gone up in Israel in recent years: every Jewish mother now has an average of three children − more than her sisters in Iran, Syria or Egypt.

What about our brothers the Palestinians? In contrast to the Arab states, statistics about their fertility rate are the object of constant debate. The figures issued by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics are frequently inflated for political and economic reasons. The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University found a disparity of 40 percent − representing one million Palestinians − between the fertility rate according to the Palestinian CBS and actual ...births as recorded by the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Both Palestinian agencies agree on one thing: Palestinians are giving birth to far fewer children. Until the 1990s, a Palestinian woman gave birth to an average of six to eight children. That rate has now decreased to three to five children, and if we can trust the Palestinian Health Ministry’s registration of births, the rate is decreasing and has already reached the same level as that of the Jewish population, which is on the upswing.

That is good reason for optimism, even beyond the Jews’ desire to preserve a Jewish majority between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. It’s reason for optimism because the number one reason for the unprecedented fall in the fertility rate in the Arab world is optimism

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