Sunday, June 16, 2013

Iran elects moderate

Please don't be taken in by this "New Iran President is a moderate" bs. What else do you need to know about the new Iranian president

In his first interview, "The 64-year-old has said there will be "no surrender" to Western demands in talks on Iran's controversial nuclear program

Its a brilliant stalling technique, electing a so called Moderate. Does that mean he's in favor of cutting off just one hand of a thief instead of 2? Lull us into thinking we can, as our foolish president thinks, talk them out of nuks. While Rome burns, Obama fiddles. Jonathan Tobin and Fred Barnes were in Chicago this week and said that Obama still thinks he can talk them out of nuks.
With this nightmare President and a complicit world, Iran will get nuks, and that is a game changer for the world. Our Joint Chiefs of Staff chair said this week Iran is a national security threat to us. Obama is the only one who can really stop them, and despite his rhetoric, there is no way this guy has the guts to do it. But the hear no evil see no evil crowd will jump on this election in Iran as hopeful, while they add centrifuges each day and get closer and closer.

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