Sunday, June 17, 2012

A tribute to my Father on Father's Day

We should all pay tribute to our dad's today. Mine was the wisest man I ever knew (but we probably all think that about our dad's). He died 30 years ago, exactly at the age I am now. I miss him constantly. Lawyer, Jewish history sunday school teacher, Northbrook Public Library #1 borrower of books each year, (maybe that's why my daughter has an MA in library science), Reconstructionist (was a yeshiva student but gave up on God after the Holocaust), but still spent every penny they had on Jewish Day school, Ramah summer camp, expensive Jewish educational summer programs to Israel and eastern europe, college. We can never repay him/them for that. He was the first conservative thinker I knew, (Milton Friedman changed his life at U of Chicago), still liberals loved him. In fact everyone loved him because he had this amazing ability when talking to you to make you feel like you are the most  important person in the world worth listening to. He loved our weekly shabbat dinners and Holiday celebrations. He never really proposed to my Mom-just started talking about grandchildren. Saddest for me is he never saw any of the 9 in this world, but 7 of them are named for him. May his memory continue to be for a blessing.
Shmuel yoodel ben Asher Zimmel hacohen

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