Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Presbyterians want to divest-help

Please join me in taking a stand for peace and against anti-Israel divestment. 

I just signed a groundbreaking letter to delegates of the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s General Assembly this June who will be considering a divestment measure. Divestment was rejected by United Methodist Church this spring. Previously, the Episcopal and Lutheran (ELCA) churches have rejected similar measures - but it may pass in the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

Please join me and click either of the links this note.

I am making this request both on behalf of peace in the Middle East and to help preserve and strengthen not weaken our relationship with the Presbyterian Church (USA). I am worried that the relationship between our community and the Presbyterian Church is at stake. The letter expresses our collective hope for peace and partnership. There is much that our communities can do to repair our world and to bring peace to a land that yearns for it. Unfortunately, there are those who are recommending a different path – one that acts out conflict rather than promote reconciliation. 

If you decide to sign the letter, and I hope you do, after using the link to affix your own signature, please send it on to your own personal and organizational lists. We would like to send this letter to our Presbyterian friends prior to their convention which begins at the end of June.

Again, thank you for any consideration of this request. 


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