Monday, September 12, 2011

Successful rabbis joke

Joke: Circuit riding Rabbi Cohen travels long distances in old West to serve Jews. Always stopped at the Jorgenson farm overnight because too long a distance to the next Jew. Each mornig he would go to a corner, don his tfillin and daven. Mrs Jorgenson was always too shy to ask what that was. On his last trip before retirement, after he told them this was it, she finally asked. He did not know how to explain tfillin so he said "its for my arthritis".

She said "Rabbi, I have bad arthritis. Can I have a pair and can you show me how to use them?" He did not know what to say and he so wanted to thank them for their many years of hosting him so he gave her his pair and taught her. When the new young circuit riding Rabbi was hired, Rabbi Cohen told him the route snd told him to stay with the Jorgensons, they would be expecting him.

He did and when he got up in the morning and went to the kitchen, there was Mrs. Jorgenson sitting at the table, plucking chickens, wearing tfilin. The new rabbi promptly resigned, sending a message to Rabbi Cohen that he had done his job so well, even the gentile women were wearing tfillin!

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