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speech we WISH Obama gave

To an objective observer, one
clear fact emerges from an examination of the Middle East:
the Palestinians’ continuing refusal to accept Israel as a Jewish
state and their fostering of violence against Israel. One
wishes that the Obama Administration would show that it
understands this reality and is adopting policies to respond
to it. Imagine what a difference it could make if President
Barack Obama, in his next major policy statement on the
Middle East, were to say something like the following:
“More than two years in office has persuaded me
that, in our pursuit of an Arab-Israeli peace, we have
sometimes neglected key problems.
“It is not possible to
achieve peace between
Arabs and Jews if Arabs
do not accept the right of
Jews to their own state.
The United States cannot
any longer accept that
Palestinians are taught to
reject Israel and to glorify
violence against her.
“I am calling upon the
Palestinian Authority (PA)
to publicly accept Israel as
a Jewish state.
“The United States
cannot continue to expend
its energy, credibility and
resources on peace-making
without this minimal
condition being fulfilled.
“Since Oslo began 17
Obama Speech
ZOA Would Love
Morton A. Klein
President, Zionist
Organization of
years ago, Israel did more
than its part. It ceded
control of all of Gaza and
half the West Bank to the PA
and offered even more, only
to be rejected. Now, 99%
of Palestinians live under
Palestinian control, yet the
PA has not done its part.
“The U.S. can no longer
give unconditional aid to
the PA of almost $1 billion
per year. We will now link
U.S. funding to the PA
verifiably ending incitement,
outlawing terrorist groups,
combating terrorism
and accepting Israel as a
Jewish state. For too long
we have permitted the
argument that our national
security interests permit
us to overlook Palestinian
non-compliance with the
Oslo agreements. The
opposite is true: building
up a Palestinian society
that fosters extremism
and hatred, including anti-
American hatred, is a threat
to the national security of
not only our ally, Israel,
but of the United States as
“A 2007 poll shows that 90%
of Palestinians under 25 and
75% over 25 don’t accept
Israel’s existence.
well. As president, I can no
longer permit this.
“We still hear the
speeches of hateful clerics
appointed by the PA calling
for the murder of Jews, as
in the sermon broadcast on
PA TV from Nablus’s Bourin
Mosque on January 29, 2010,
in which Jews were declared
‘the enemies of Allah and of
His Messenger … Enemies
of humanity in general’ and
Muslims were exhorted
to murder them with the
words ‘The Prophet says:
‘You shall fight the Jews and
kill them…’ We have heard
Sheikh Ibrahim Mudeiris say
in a PA TV sermon that Jews
are a virus resembling AIDS.
Muhammad Ahmed Hussein,
appointed Mufti of Jerusalem
by Mahmoud Abbas, has
justified suicide bombing,
saying, ‘It is legitimate, of
course, as long as it plays a
role in the resistance.’ “
The problem
is larger
than merely
hate- f i l l ed,
e x t r emi s t
clerics. We see PA posters
that glorify suicide
bombers. We see PA/Fatah
statements and programs
honoring terrorists, calling
them devoted brothers,
heroes and martyrs. We
have seen the PA president
and prime minister visit
terrorists and the homes
of suicide bombers’ families,
mourning and praising them.
We see vicious lies on PA
TV and in newspapers
describing Israel as a threat
to humanity. We recently
saw the Fatah Conference
named in honor of Amin
Al-Hindi, mastermind of the
Munich Olympics terrorist
“We have even seen
the PA honor Muhammad
Fadlallah, responsible in
the Hizballah bombing
that claimed the lives of
242 U.S. servicemen in
1983. The United States
cannot be expected to
continue to support the
PA when it glorifies killers
of Americans and Israelis.
Israel in a keffiyah next
to a rifle and an image of
Yasser Arafat. “
We see that
the Fatah
which calls
for Israel’s
destruction and the use of
terrorism as an essential
element in the campaign
to achieve this goal, is
“Conversely, we have
not seen terrorist groups
outlawed, as required under
Israel’s existence. According
to a poll conducted by
the Palestinian Center for
Policy and Survey Research
in September 2008, only
13% of Palestinians support
educating Palestinian
children for peace. A
November 2010 Arab World
& Development poll informs
us that 85% of Palestinians
don’t want peace if it means
compromise on borders or
settlements or Jerusalem or
the Israel-destroying ‘right
of return.’
Under my leadership, we
will no longer do so. “
We see PA
p r o g r a m s
and hear
PA videos
e x t o l l i n g
terrorism. We witness
scores of schools, streets
and sports teams named
after terrorists. We have
even seen U.S. aid money
used to pave a street
named after Saddam
Hussein. We see PA laws
requiring a death sentence
for anyone selling land to
a Jew. We see a new Fatah
emblem that drapes all of
the Oslo agreements. We
have not seen any PA maps,
official stationery or school
atlases that even show
Israel within any borders.
We have not seen the PA
acknowledge the Jewish
religious and historical claim
to the land, to Jerusalem,
or even to the Western
Wall, the holiest of Judaism’s
sites. To the contrary, we
have seen these repeatedly
denied by high PA officials.
“ T h i s t e r r i f y i n g
incitement works. ”A 2007
poll shows that 90% of
Palestinians under 25 and
75% over 25 don’t accept
“Jewish settlements that
encompass only 5% of Judea
and Samaria are not the
problem. There were no
Jewish communities in the
West Bank before 1967,
yet there was no peace or
acceptance of Israel. Why
cannot 300,000 Jews live
among 1.5 million Arabs,
when 1.4 million Arabs live
among 6 million Jews in
Israel? “
Yet, Mr. Abbas,
you and your
officials even
proclaim that
not even one
Jew will be permitted to
live in a Palestinian state.
Your enmity goes beyond
Jews. You have also driven
out most Christians from
Bethlehem by making their
lives miserable. Your actions
and policies indicate that
establishing a Palestinian
state at this time would
likely create a terrorist
state, further destabilizing
the Middle East.
“I am also deeply
concerned that, just as
Gaza fell to the Iranianpeace
and security.
“We need change, in the
PA’s actions, policies and
culture. We need compliance
with its commitments to
arrest terrorists, outlaw
terrorist groups and end
the incitement to hatred
and murder that feeds it.
I expect to see President
Abbas and Prime Minister
Fayyad making speeches
in Arabic to their people
accepting Israel as a Jewish
state and condemning

backed Hamas, so too could
a PA state in the West Bank.
A situation in which missiles
are likely to be fired into the
heart of Israel – Jerusalem,
Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion
Airport – is not one we
wish to bring about. “
The Arab-
I s r a e l i
conflict has
been the
result of one
thing – an Arab refusal to
accept a Jewish state in its
biblical, religious and legal
homeland. Peace can only
come when there is true
acceptance of Israel’s right
to exist as a Jewish state in
suicide bombing against
Israelis as an obscenity
and scourge that must be
Imagine what a difference
it could make if President
Obama would issue such a
statement expressing the
truth about the Arab war
against Israel.
With Zionist greetings
Morton A. Klein

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