Thursday, July 14, 2011

My points about why no Palestinian state

1. Judea and Samaria necessary to strategic depth of Israel otherwise 9 miles wide. Bush promised. Obama negated.
2. Majority Israelis do not believe peace is possible or Israel should withdraw
3. Can’t count on USA. Carter, Obama etc.
4. Palestinian state would be terrorist state (Hamas-PA linked)
5. No such things historically as Palestinian Arab people.
6. West Bank is not Arab or Palestinian land
7. Israel tried land for peace with Palestinians/terrorists Gaza, Lebanon and got more terror and no peace. Since Oslo pull out Gaza and ½ J&S. Jewish settlements 5% of area. None before 67 and no peace then!
8. Tyrants-one bullet nullify any agreement made
9. Other Arabs do not care about Palestinian issue J&S in Jordanian hands 48-67 and no state created
10. 99% Palestinians have sovereignty now
11. PA is not moderate
a. Maps show no Israel
b. Inculcate hatred among children
c. Pay terrorists in jail salaries
d. Honor suicide bomber families
e. Name public areas for terrorists
f. Deny Jewish historic links to Israel
g. Lie about Arab presence in Israel historically-Mark Twa in
h. Won’t recognize Jewish state as Jewish
i. Failed to meet Oslo agreements
j. Have made no concessions despite Israel’s repeated ones
k. Demand ridiculous things like right of return-shiould be exchange of populations like the 750,000 Jews from Arab lands
l. Corrupt and tyrannical
m. Simply staged strategy to destroy Israel-plo 1964 when J&S was Jordanian hands. What was there to liberate
n. Posters and songs claim Israel proper is Palestine
o. Polls most Palestinians support violence and 85% don’t want peace if it means compromise on Jerusalem, borders or right of return
p. Allow clerics routinely to call for killing Jews

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