Saturday, May 7, 2011

nice testimonials from yesterday

Malcolm: : am writing to you to get some advice that I can tell him. You are a great teacher. In fact, your videos were one of the reasons he got into Judaism.

Abigail "
Shalom. Brian and I spent a great day reflecting on all he wonderful events and journey we have had together. May 4th was unbelievable. I know that you are doing you "life's" work but you may not realize the far reaching effectives. Brian and I committed to creating and maintaining a "Jewish" home and life. Much thanks to you for the consideration to us in remote area. The Course is intellectually stimulating and highly intense with full concentration on Jewish studies and application. The presentation and research is of the highest caliber. "

. Your program is helping me reach goals I never thought could happen. G-d will bless you for all your good work. Your course is priceless. When I send you my presentation there will be a personal letter of appreciation to you.

David "I just wanted to say that I've enjoyed your videos over the years. They have given me extraordinary inspiration and enlightenment in my times of need. You were actually more of a father figure than my actual father... you've taught me the value of my relationship with myself and people. You even gave me new insight in the views of religious tolerance. . And because of you, I tried out the Jewish dietary laws and I am getting healthier than ever. You are one-in-a-million Rabbi Ginsburg. I thank you for, with all my heart. Good luck and God, or the world in my case, bless you.

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