Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Chicago area course Rodfei kodesh-pursuing holiness

1. Announcing new DAYTIME course by Esynagogue and Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg if there is enough interest. call for location
and broadcast live
We will offer this same course during the day on Wednesdays 1 PM if there is interest.

Lexus ran a commercial slogan when the brand first came out, "the relentless pursuit of perfection.
They understood that in the material world, especially with a product made by humans, perfection was impossible but the pursuit was not. Only God is perfect. So too with humans, perfection is unattainable but aspiring to be better is a must. Join Rabbi Ginsburg Tuesday evenings for a new course called Rodfei Kodesh-pursuers of holiness, as we all strive to live better lives. If you are aspiring to live a better, holier life, then give it a try. We will meet Wednesdays 1-2:20 PM. We will study the great mussar (personal ethics and virtues) literature of Judaism, as together we try and grow step-by-step, day -by-day. Readings will include Torah values, Maimonides, Mishnah-pirke avot, Salanter, etc. Leviticus 19:2
The Lord said tell the children of Israel : Be Holy for I the Lord am Holy."
There is no charge. It is open to anyone-Jew or aspiring Jew . We do need rsvps so we can figure out spacing, and so you can be notified of the schedule.. The course will be broadcast on ustream.tv esynagogue channel for those unable to attend in person.
RSVP to 847-331-3584 or rabbi@esynagogue.org

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