Friday, January 28, 2011

only 400 words?

While we are waiting to see if this President, who does not utter the words Muslim and terror in the same sentence, and who worries so much about Jews adding bedrooms to apartments in historic Jewish land, will go with the multitude to do evil at the UN
the big picture is
Egypt may soon fall to extremists (Mubarak's wife and so have fled)
Lebanon falls to Hezbollah
Abbas gives 2000 to suicide bomber martyrs
Book praising suicide bombers found on Southern US border left by illegal alien tried to enter
Syria is Iran puppet
Jordan under huge pressure from all this Arab unrest
Iran exerting dominance over the region
Turkey moving steadily into extremist Moslem orbit
Christians being massacred in Egypt, Iraq etc
Arab slavery by the north Sudanese of blacks S Sudan gains strength even as more and more African Americans convert to Islam
Europe is more and more under Islamic pressure and demographic challenges
Venezuela in cahoots with Iran
N Korea in cahoots with iran
the world under Obama gets worse and worse/In His SOTU Obama devoted 400 words to foreign policy.

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