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winning the pro-Israel debate/pr war

Winning the Israel debate:
You often have a one sentence chance-they’ll say
“How can you support Israel when it: illegally occupies others? Steals innocent Arab land? Kills babies? Responds disproportionally with massive firepower?
YOU say:
Responses: use any and all
You have it totally backwards
1. Only Israel cares about harming innocents and does everything it can to avoid it, The Arabs PURPOSELY, deliberately try and kill Israeli children
2. How can you support the Palestinians when they: note 2 below
a. Kill their daughters for dating –honor killing
b. kill gays for being gay
c. Inspire their kindergarteners to be suicide mass murderers
d. name streets after mass murderer terrorists of Jews
e. stole Jewish land. It was promised to Jews 4000 years ago, Jews lived there steadily and unbroken 4000 years, the Jews who left only left as slaves in chains-not willingly . Read the Bible if you don’t believe me.
f. are given total control of Gaza and instead of living in peace send 8000 missiles from inside mosques and schools and non military targets in Israel . Israel totally withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 and Hezbollah still wants to destroy Israel. Would you trust them as your neighbor? There is NO WAY to satisfy Arab grievances and let Israel survive.
g. proudly say in polls they support suicide mass murder of Israeli children
3. The Palestinians have a country-Jordan. The rulers there are carpetbaggers the British installed from Saudi Arabia. Why should the Palestinians have 2 countries and the Jews none? Let them complain to Jordan. Jordan controlled the west bank from 1948-1967. The blame for no Palestinian state #2 is theirs, not Israel.
4. Why reward Arabs/ Palestinians for violence? The Palestinians had a chance at a second country in 1947 when the UN offered it and they turned it down to gamble on destroying Israel which was one day old and mass murder the Jews there. Why should they be rewarded for that?
5. There is no Arab Palestinian people. It is all made up. Check any history book about any date before 1930. All references to Palestine and Palestinians were Jewish. The Arabs stole the title “Palestinian”just for more anti-Semitism-to steal jewish land.
6. Disproportionate? US nuked 2 Japanese cities, firebombed Dresden vs Israel, at cost of own soldiers, went house to house to try and stop the 8000 missile throwers from Gaza. Guess you don’t care if Jews are killed. The Palestinians shoot from hospitals, put children in front of their soldiers, dress as civilians, fire from crowded civilian areas. Would you ask your govt to do nothing to protect your family?
7. What have Palestinians done for peace? Offered nothing but hateful rhetoric, teaching 5 year olds to hate, honor mass murderers of Jews, refuse face-to-face negotiations, lie about Jewish 4000 year presence in Israel, lie about how many Arabs were born inside Israel, call for Israel’s destruction, start intifadas, shoot missiles at Israel schools,
Israel, on the other hand, has agreed to 2 states in that tiny area, eliminated checkpoints once terror eased, allowed more goods in Gaza even though they know they will be used for weapons, made it known some parts of Jerusalem could go to the Arabs, begged for face-to-face meetings, given the Sinai up for peace with Egypt, pulled out of Gaza 100%. The Arabs give 0 except more violence and hateful rhetoric. Time to demand they stop the violence and hate from the Arabs and then peace will come easily. See note below

8. Apartheid wall? Many nations put up protective barriers, including the USA. Israel only did it to stop the many suicide bombers killing hundreds of Israelis. It stopped it 100%. Wouldn’t you want to protect your child going to school. The only nation in the entire Arab world the Arabs have equal rights is the jewish state. Do you know there are 13 Arabs in the Israeli government? Jews have no rights in any Arab country-850,000 were expelled from 1948-1950.

9. The Muslims have done nothing for the world except bring terror. Jews and Israel are saving the world in countless ways. You suffer from the psychological “Stockholm syndrome”-identifying with the violent aggressor.
10. It is the Arabs who persecute their citizens , have horrible living standards, practice apartheid etc see http://israelgreatest.blogspot.com/p/light-unto-nations.html
11. Israel is self-critical when it errs or oversteps, vs Arabs/Palestinians which make murder, persecution, death, violence, terror their main program
12. There can be no peace until Palestinians change. Tragically, because of the actions of the PA and the attitudes toward Israel of its citizens, peace remains an illusion. Israel has already given away all of Gaza and one-half of the West Bank. Yet the Palestinians continue their incitement, refusal to arrest terrorists, and to truly accept Israel’s right to exist. Until the actions of the Palestinian Authority change to promote a real peace, and until President Obama seriously pressures the PA to make those changes, no amount of friendly photo-ops and friendly public words will change the reality that peace is not yet at hand.

13. What Palestinian suffering? West Bank Arabs among highest standard of living and freest in entire Arab world. Israeli Arabs live better than American minorities. On measures of health, they do better than the American white majority. Palestinian Arabs living in the Israeli-controlled West Bank and Gaza Strip have fared better in terms of life expectancy, adjusted real income, and educational attainment than many fellow Arabs, according to the United Nations. Most of their problems are because of their anti-Israel attitudes. Notes below

14. Israel is the David, Arabs the goliath. 6 million people vs 400 million /15 mile wide country vs millions of square miles of Arab territory. 1 country vs 21 Arab countries. Oil vs no oil.

15. Can’t believe anything Palestinians say: Abbas phd was to deny Holocaust, claims Israel no historic tie to Jerusalem, doctors photos, claim genocide all the time when they cause it, deny journalists, threaten journalists

16. Your just anti-Semitic; impose standards on Israel that no one else has

17. Palestinians bulldoze Palestinian homes: Hamas destroys dozens of homes in southern Gaza
May 16 02:59 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer
RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AP) - Hamas police wielding clubs beat and pushed residents out of dozens of homes in the southern Gaza town of Rafah on Sunday before knocking the buildings down with bulldozers, residents said. Gaza's militant Hamas rulers said the homes were built illegally on government land. Newly homeless residents were furious over Palestinians on bulldozers razing Palestinian homes.

From former USA National US Debate champion Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

2. To make matters worse, the PA has permanently glorified killers of Jews by naming over a hundred streets, schools, and sports teams after them. Last month a new song was performed by a Palestinian children’s choir about the glory attached to “martyrdom” – dying a violent death while waging war and terrorism on infidels, in this case, Jews, has become a hit on Arabic websites. Not to mention that no map in the PA shows Israel – only Palestine.” The PA’s President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salaam Fayaad visit the homes of murderers of Jews and publicly call them martyrs.

7. Fatah/PA officials from Abbas down declare that they do not accept Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. Abbas has openly stated “It is not required of Hamas, or of Fatah … to recognize Israel.” Senior Fatah figure Nabil Shaath recently asserted that Hamas need not end terrorism or recognize Israel to be part of a Palestinian unity government.

And this incitement has consequences. Polls have shown that 75% of Palestinians deny Israel’s right to exist. In April, an An-Najah University poll found that more than-two thirds of Palestinians rejected a peace encompassing a Palestinian state alongside Israel. In January 2009, a Jerusalem Media & Communications Center poll found that Palestinian support terror attacks on Israelis by 55% to 38%.

13. Within Israel, there are too many Arabs studying in Israeli universities and living alongside Jews to justify the term 'apartheid' other than as an anti-Semitic screed.
There are gaps in opportunity between Jews and Arabs in Israel, but they are largely the responsibility of the Arab community itself. And the problems of Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza likewise reflect Arab more than Jewish activity.
The common problem of Israeli Arabs and Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza is a failure to recognize the legitimacy of Israel, and to participate with it. Rather than cooperating politically for mutual benefits, both groups of Arabs persist in extreme rejection. Palestinians hold onto keys to doors that no longer exist, and demand the return to conditions before 1948. They along with Israeli Arabs deny any responsibility for the fate that befell them, and cling to a sense of having a monopoly of justice. Instead of accepting a decent offer in the summer and fall of 2000, Palestinians embarked on an intifada. Rather than accept as a partial success the withdrawal of settlements from Gaza, they persisted in rocket attacks. These responses have earned them the deepened distrust of Israelis, and helped produce a government that is not inclined to offer the same deals as its predecessors.
Israeli Arabs have not learned the lesson of American minorities, i.e., to play within the system and exchange political support for material benefits. Most of the Arabs elected to the Knesset persist in harsh criticism from outside the major parties, rather than deals negotiated from inside. The Palestinians of Jerusalem refuse even to participate in local elections. They give up the opportunity to select a third of the local council and be a deciding factor in the mayoral elections. As a result, they live in neighborhoods with sub-standard facilities. When asked why they do not cooperate with the Israeli establishment, the Arab mantra is that cooperation is bound to fail due to Israeli 'racism.'

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