Monday, July 19, 2010

Mormons and dead jews

The Los Angeles office of the American Jewish Committee, led by the
outstanding efforts of Rabbi Gary Greenebaum, worked with leaders at the
highest levels of the Church to resolve the problem. The resolution? A commission
comprised of Jews and Mormons was established to make sure every name
recognized as Jewish even names that may only sound Jewish
was removed from the IGI the International
Genealogical Index and are thus unavailable to be used.
Moreover, every Proxy Baptism performed for a victim of the Shoah who
was annulled, voided and removed from the record except when the victim
was proved to be a relative of a Mormon. Safeguards under the provisions
of New Family Search that actively block all Jewish or
Jewish-sounding names from being put on the list for Proxy Baptism. The
block cannot be lifted without specific proof of family linkage.

Official Church Policy forbids Proxy Baptisms for Jews with one
exception: Mormons may do Proxy Baptisms for their own blood relatives
as revealed through their individual genealogical work. Individual
rogues and zealots violate that policy from time to time, but they
directly violate Church policy when they do and the Church works very
hard to identify and stop them.

Let me close by adding that the Church has extraordinary and specific
resources for helping Jews to trace their ancestry. The Church is
actively engaged in a world-wide project to locate, translate, digitize,
preserve and make available to all Jews our individual genealogical
family histories. Please contact me if you would like more information.

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