Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Worst President since Carter

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will try to repair U.S. ties to the Islamic world this week in a speech from the Middle East that aides say will reach out to Muslims but deal with tough issues like the peace process and violent extremism.
Obama, who departs for the region on Tuesday, will use his address to try to repair some of the damage to America's image caused by the Iraq war, U.S. treatment of military detainees and the lack of progress in Mideast peace talks."

Will Obama will be the worst president for Israel since Jimmy Carter, and maybe much more dangerous?

And whose fault is the "lack of progress in Mideast peace? Obama obvuisly means the Palestinians but ask any Arab nation which is the biggest problem and they will tell you Iran. Only Obama does not understand that. and on that issue- Israel gave away the conquered Sinai for peace with Egypt, made a treaty with Jordan, pulled out of Gaza only to get daily missiles, and Barak offered 96% of the West Bank to Arafat who started Intafada 2 in response. Hamas Hezbollah and Iran have made it clear the only progress towards Middle East peace it will envisions is a destroyed Israel.
Every day seemingly this president puts more and more pressure on Israel. He will obviously do nothing about Iran getting nukes, and evidently sees Israel as the one holding up the Palestinian state, even though Abbas can't even control downtown ramallah, let alone make a deal for Palestinians.

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