Friday, June 5, 2009

ask Jan Schakowsky Sun day night here

From Richard Beahr

you might want to ask her the following:
a. Do you think Obama needs to publicly scold Israel over settlements, when he has barely uttered a word to reprimand the PA for totally ignoring its road map commitments on dismantling terror groups, and incitement? What does it tell you about the state of the US Israel relationship that since his inauguration , Obama has made more demands of Israel than of any other country, and even North Korea a has come in for less rebuke?
b. Do you think that Iran will be more forthcoming on its nuclear program, if only Israel halted the natural growth of settlements near the green line? Do you think the issues are linked in the way the President says they are, or is it more - that Obama will not put any pressure on Iran until Israel bends to his will on settlements? Is it possible Obama knows he can not win on settlements, and so is looking for a public rupture with Israel, and an excuse for doing nothing to stop Iran?
c. Do you believe the exchange of letters between Prime Minister Sharon and President Bush at the time of the Gaza disengagement represent commitments or obligations by the two parties? Can you explain why no member of the Obama administration has been willing to acknowledge these letters as having any validity? Why would Prime Minister Netanyahu rely on any commitments by President Obama , if prior such commitments by an American President are ignored? Is this the change supporters of Israel should believe in?
d. Can you explain how halting all growth in settlements will lead to a resolution of the Israeli Palestinian conflict? Can Israel conclude a peace deal with the Palestinians when the PA doe not even control Gaza?How does the PA gain control of Gaza. Will Hamas and Hezbollah just go away if settlement growth ends?

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