Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Question aboutr inculcating Judaism in Children

Hi, My name is Brian and I saw one of your videos on youtube. I just had a question for you about your religions historical background.

In Judaism, when the family raised there Children and trained them to know about God, was there a particular method that was used?

Did they say, "ok, from 5 - 10 we will go over and over again about the 10 commandments, then 10 - 15 we will dive into the deeper meaning on the depth of those commandments, 15 - 20 etc etc"

Was there stages of thought or of training that a child would go threw? Wasn't there some kind of age requirements that a person had to meet in order to do certain things in a synagogue?

Thank you Rabbi for your time.

A:We have a whole system of education-I went to parochial school, most send their children to afternoon and weekend supplementary schools. And the most important is to live full Jewish lives in home. Yes, bar mitzvah age 13 allows certain new activities

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