Thursday, December 25, 2008

Question on Gods' name

Q: Hi
I was just wondering, where does the name Yahweh come from? Because as I'm sure you know, the name he gave to Moses at the burning bush was ''I am that (who) I am'' which is, when transliterated, Ehyeh asher ehyeh. So, my question is how do you get Yahweh from Ehyeh asher ehyeh? And also, in the tetragrammaton how did they (I believe it was the Masoretes) get Yahweh?

A: if you take the tetragrammaton without any vowels and try to sound it out, it spells yahweh. Ehyeh twice each has the last 3 letters of yud heh vov heh in the tetragrammaton. Yahweh is not a Jewish or hebrew word or name. We never use it. We say adonai or elohim for yud heh vov heh soince we don't know how to pronounce it and don't try. only the High Priest knew and said it once a year

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