Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Civilian casualties?

have read how the "world" worries about Palestinian civilian
casualties. The fact is the vast majority of these "innocent" civilians
support the destruction of Israel and the continuation of rocket attacks
against Israeli citizens who live in Israeli towns and even kibbtzim. One
wonders how come the "world" registers strong protests only when Arab
civilians are killed but have been quiet while civilians in Israel have
been killed and wounded for the past several years by Hamas rockets and
kassams? Why the double standard???
It should be noted also that in contrast to Arab terrorists the
Israeli military is doing its best not to harm even the pro-Hamas civilians
in Gaza but targets only those Arabs who engage in terrorism. When Arab
civilians are killed or wounded it is unitentional or what is termed as
collateral damage in military operations against terrorists. Another
difference between us and Arab terror groups is the amazing scene of one
hundred truckloads of food and other humanitarian aid coming from Israel to
the Gaza population even while the rocket shooting goes on and several
Israeli civilians are killed and wounded. I wonder if the world media
even mentions this???

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