Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Jews

Sarah Palin

The Chabad envoy to Alaska on Thursday praised State Governor and recently
nominated Republican candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin for her
steadfast support for Israel.

"Based on my personal acquaintance with Governor Palin, I can confidently say
that if she is elected, the Jewish people and the State of Israel will have a
great friend and admirer in the White House," Rabbi Yosef Greenberg told

Greenberg has lived in Alaska for the past 17 years and he is coordinating
Chabad activities in the state, where some 6,000 Jews live. He said that he
meets the governor for friendly chats on a regular basis and that he has
almost free access to her office.


Even in her previous role as the mayor of Wasilla, Greenberg continued, she
maintained very good relations with the local Jewish community.

He said that when the Wasilla Conservative congregation inaugurated a new
synagogue a few years ago, they were pleasantly surprised by her decision to
attend the ceremony, even though she had not been invited.

She said at the event that she felt it was right to attend in order to express
her satisfaction with the fact that people of the Jewish faith have a house of

For Israel's 60th anniversary in May, Palin passed a resolution recognizing
Alaska's relationship with Israel.

"She is a very impressive woman with a dedicated sense of purpose," Greenberg
said. "Had she been a Chabadnik she would have certainly been an envoy,
because she is constantly working for the greater good."

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