Wednesday, September 24, 2008

International Fellowship of Chrisitans and jews

I went to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews 25th anniversary dinner Monday night. Rabbi Yehiel Eckstein founded it 25 years ago from nothing and now it raises $75 million a year from mostly Christians, most of which goes to help needy Jews in israel and around the world. The main awards went to Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. Since Mr. Falwell passed away, his son Jonathan, a dynamic preacher in hbgis own right, accepted in his honor. Rabbi Daniel Lapin gave the invocation and spoke about the early American support for Israel. Robertson spoke forcefully about his support for Israel, and believes Israel will be forced by circumstances to bomb Iran after the USA elections to stop those madmen from using the nuclear bombs and missiles they have or will soon have. Falwell assured us he, and many evangelical Christians support Israel and Jews "because we can read" and the Bible says God will bless those who bless us and curse those who curse us. Pat Boone MC'd the night terrifically (he wrote the words to the theme song to the movie Exodus, I did not know that.)Sallie Meridor, the Israeli ambassador to the USA spoke on behalf of the State of Israel, thanking the IFCJ for all their work in support of Israel the millions of American and worldwide Christians who support Jews and Israel.
Rabbi Eckstein spoke about the obstacles he faced in this cause, and said he is confident someday there will be such relations with Moslems too. It was an inspiring evening.

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