Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jerusalem is the only capital in the world not recognized by the US

JONNY PAUL, Jerusalem Post correspondent, THE JERUSALEM POST Jun. 15,2007____________________________________The BBC apologized this week for referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital,and promised not to repeat "the mistake," following a complaint by fourBritish organizations.Arab Media Watch, Muslim Public Affairs Committee, Friends of Al-Aksa and the Institute of Islamic Political Thought sent a joint complaint to the BBCafter a presenter on its Football Focus program on March 24 mentioned thatJerusalem was Israel's capital and "historic soul."The BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit posted a response on its Web site: "Thereference was a passing one in a context where the focus was on sport, notpolitics. While recognizing the sensitivity of the issue of the status ofJerusalem, the ECU took the view that the program-makers had taken sufficientaction by acknowledging the error and rectifying the Web site."

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