Saturday, June 23, 2007

Abbas calls hamas "Murderous terrorists" and still israel is the bad guy

Abbas of Fatah calles Hamas "murderous terrorists" and still many around the world blame Israel for the Palestinians not having a state. Palestinians can't even decide in a unified way whether to live with Israel or try and kill every jew there. Would Illinois talk statehood with Wisconsin if Wisconsiites were sending bombs to Skokie, and suicide bombers to Northbrook, while kiling other Wisconsinites because they weren't violent enough with Illinoisians? See how Israel rushes to give Abbas the benefit of the doubt, even though his hands are hardly clean. All israel has ever wanted is to live in peace with its neighbors.

Here is a sample of some negative feedback I get from my pro Israel youtubes:
1. "it is amazing that there are still people who call themselves sane,think that israel is anything less than a nazi state, implanted in the middle east to serve its masters. sad jews will pay the unlimate price for their own leaders faults."
2."Israel is a terrorist state.More and more people are realizing"
3."So you dont think stealing Palestinian land is shameful? You opress Palestine, you steal their land, you have tortured those people too long, you are disgusting. No wonder you are treated like dogs by the UN - as you should be...Shalom"
4."this man is either a complete idiot or he's been payd to say this nonsense "

Those are some of the nicer ones. I delete many of the very awful ones. On balance, most are much more positive about Israel.
Here's an interesting one
"Excellent points.(Apart from the one with God promising stuff, which is irrelevant because God doesn't exist.) "

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