Friday, January 9, 2015

virus in our midst

Muslims holding hostages in kosher market in Paris, demanding the 2 mass murderer Muslims who killed the 12 in paris, now also holding hostages, go free. Our pro jihad president not only HIRES Muslim brotherhood terrorists in administration, and FREES high ranking terrorists from Gitmo, REFUSES to acknowledge this is a Muslim issue. His joke of a VP and former DEM Pres candidate and party head Howard Dean say it has 0 to do with Islam. This is 100% Islam. 99% of all violent terrorism is islamic based. Norway is deporting Muslims and crime keeps being reduced. This is not a FEW. It is hundreds of millions of Muslims supporting Shariah, violent jihad. There are peaceful Muslims out there but that is not stopping this ongoing, worsening war being waged on the West. Obama is doing the least he can to stop ISIS, while they grow daily. The new mayor of new York has hampered NYPD from investigating Muslims, after the last 2 mayors gave them broader powers. Obama has handcuffed FBI CIA and Homeland security from using the word Islam as a factor in investigations. You connect the dots, Our President is playing for the enemy. Having Muslims in a western nation is like having a pathalogical virus dormant for a while, with intentions of taking over and destroying the hosts.

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