Thursday, December 25, 2014

open season on Jews?

Think about it. North of Israel you have Hezbollah with 150,000 missiles from Iran and Russia aimed at Israel. On Southwest you have Hamas terrorists in Gaza with tunnels and thousands of missiles. ISIS is north and south of Israel. Iran open about destroying Israel with nuks that Obama is appeasing. Muslims are taking over Europe, turning Europe even more to an anti Israel position. We have, by far, the most anti Israel President of the USA ever, now contemplating sanctions vs Israel. Anti semitic college professors and students on many US campuses increasingly focus their wrath on the one democracy in the Middle East, and are part of the pro terror lobby. 80% Palestinians population is pro violent jihad against Jews, even as their leadership tyrannizes them. The left has embraced the pro terror lobby as a main cause. Open season on Jews evidently.
As Joshua asked in the bible "are you with us or against us". That is the only choice.

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