Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We are not doing out part

70 years after 6.5 million murdered Jews, we have genocidal Iran regime, moving ever closer to nuclear weapons with Obama desperate for a deal, proclaiming their intention to destroy Israel and kill Jews, plus US barely fighting Isis even as Us hires Muslim Brotherhood and invites them to White House, A White House holding secret talks with terrorist Hamas which also openly calls for israel's destruction, and desire to kill Jews, an Obama State Department parroting terrorist line that Israel was brutal in its self defense in Gaza, despite our Joint chief of staff chair affirming Israel's unbelievable ethical war conduct, a White House that calls bibi chickenshit and a coward, who held up weapons for israel in gaza, forbade flights to israel just to punish israel, is more upset about israel building new apartments than Iran's nuclear program, And some ignorant Jews still support this Obama monster. Now we see how USA Jews did so lttle to push FDR to enter war to save Jews.

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