Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Morally Bankrupt New York Times

WJD- Sivan 20, 5774
How low can the New York Times go? Far lower than you could have possibly imagined.
Following the lead of President Barack Obama, who recently failed to break off relations with the Palestinian government after it included Hamas, a terror group sworn to Israel's destruction, into its ranks, the New York Times Tuesday published a story that explored the suffering inflicted on Palestinians after Hamas members abducted three Israeli teens.
You heard right. The Times looked only at how Palestinians were suffering due to the "siege" on Hebron as the Israeli army conducts house to house searches to look for the high school kids cruelly snatched from the road.
Here's a sample:
There were no trucks to drive because of a one-day strike in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinians in Israeli prisons that shuttered nearly all of Hebron’s stores and industry. Worse, with Israeli troops limiting entry and exit as part of a crackdown after last week’s kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, the Jabers were worried that Monday’s wedding party for Kayed’s 17-year-old daughter would be ruined.
Don't you feel terrible for Kayed's daughter? Isn't it a shame she can't get married? And it's all Israel's fault! How dare they insist that the Palestinians return their abducted youth! How dare they search house to house because no Palestinian will possibly help them find the three boys! The gall.
But wait, there's more:
But many here and elsewhere in the Palestinian territories questioned whether the abduction even happened. Leaders referred to the “alleged kidnapping” in some of their official statements, and social networks were filled with conspiracy theories of how Jewish settlers staged the event or the Israeli government was using it as a pretext to oust Hamas from the West Bank and thwart the Palestine Liberation Organization’s recent reconciliation with Hamas.
This is sort of like saying that Waco leader David Koresh claimed he was the messiah -- so it must be true! The Palestinians said it, after all, so Israel must be guilty of staging the entire kidnapping just to gain political points.

posted by rabbi Jonathan Gionsburg

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