Sunday, May 4, 2014

J Street anti israel positions

Top ten+ traitorous, dangerously anti-Israel aspects of J street

1.     Funded  from dangerous sources: J Street has accepted funding from sources—such as George Soros and many from the Arab world, including Iran, —who are openly anti-Israel, and have kept this fact secret so as not to alienate its centrist supporters. J Street officials got caught misleading reporters on it and launched a clumsy spin campaign. 

2.     Hypocrites: J Street insists that all major pro-Israel organizations be open to speakers who favor the BDS movements, supporters of the single secular binational state approach, and those who oppose Palestinian recognition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people J Street only wants people to hear views to the anti-Israel hard left of its position. It categorically refuses to allow its members to hear views that are more centrist and more pro-Israel, such as Prof. Alan Dershowitz.

3.      It placed its imprimatur behind the despicable and mendacious Goldstone Report  on Gaza by bringing Richard Goldstone to Capitol Hill and introducing him to members of Congress. 

4.      J Street has declared its support for the Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. 

5.     Some of J Street U campus branches began to drop the “pro-Israel” clause of the organization’s slogan

6.     Iran sanctions:. Within hours of Netanyahu’s crystal clear speech that the deal between Iran and the west is a “bad deal, a very, very bad deal,” J J Street sent out the message through thousands of emails, and on its website, urging Americans to tell their senators to “take a time out from moving ahead with new sanctions. J Street throws its sheltering arms around the mullahs in Iran and tries to help browbeat members of the U.S. senate into easing Iran’s slide into the nuclear weapons club

7.     J Street shamelessly and relentlessly push the Palestinian Arab propaganda line which claims Jews living and breathing beyond an arbitrary armistice line is the primary cause of unrest in the Middle East.

8.      J Street is soliciting funds for congressional candidates who are openly hostile to Israel while simultaneously targeting for defeat explicitly pro-Israel lawmakers. Among the more than 50 candidates endorsed by J Street is a sizable delegation of lawmakers who have expressed hostility towards the Jewish state.

9.     J Street launched campaigns to defend anti-Israel media campaigns and anti-Israel art and anti-Israel artists. Its PR flak defended Mary Robinson. Itbrought into the fold an apologist for the Muslim students who went after Ambassador Oren at UC Irvine. A J Street delegation held meetings with Palestinian diplomats in Ramallah on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day over Israeli objections and then Ben-Ami bragged about the trip in the Jerusalem Post. One of their board members met with Hamas.

10.  Defrauds the public: Dershowitz called J Street’s branding of its message as pro-Israel “dishonest.” “It is a fraud in advertising to call J Street pro-Israel,” he said. “An organization that calls for the US to censure Israel at the UN is not pro-Israel. An organization that praises [judge Richard] Goldstone is not pro-Israel. An organization that calls for taking any military measure against Iran off the table is not pro-Israel. It should stop defrauding the public.”

11.  J Street was accused of collaborating with anti-Israel groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine.

12.  J Street has refused to condemn the Fatah-Hamas unity deal, claims it is no impediment to peace. Hamas has publicly stated it wants to destroy Israel and kill Jews, as have many Fatah leaders.

13. J street has refused to condemn Sec. State Kerry for using term apartheid regarding Israel or threatening a boycott etc.

13. It is against Jewish values for J Street to believe it knows better than Israel does what is good for its survival, and to try and use the USA to force Israel to make moves detrimental to her survival, which the Israeli population has strongly rejected.

14. It is against Jewish values to take money from known enemies of Jews as J street has repeatedly done
"Commentary magazine "J Street’s suggestion that this is the moment for Kerry to put forward his own peace plan shows just how out of touch they are. Kerry may have been foolhardy enough to think the magic of his personality could achieve what all of his predecessors failed to accomplish, but he is not so stupid as to think he could persuade a Palestinian government that included Hamas would accept the legitimacy of a Jewish state no matter where its borders were drawn. Nor would Obama risk his limited political capital in a midterm election year on a fight with Israel that would, like his previous squabbles with Netanyahu, do nothing to advance the cause. That’s why J Street, for all of President Obama’s sympathy for its goals, finds itself once again marginalized. "

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