Sunday, April 20, 2014

J Street and Soros

 Roberta Dzubow <>
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Subject: J Street and Soros - "perfect together" - evil and vile permitted at a celebrate Israel parade???????????

J Street is the brainchild of WWII Nazi collaborator George Soros  He took inventories in the homes of Jews arrested- because they were Jews. When Soros was questioned about his founding and funding of J Street he denied it.  Later, that was proven to be a lie and he admitted his connection to J Street. Soros cannot be considered a friend to Israel or the Jewish People.
Supporters of J Street should check into the names and sympathies of its other major funders –most from the Arab world.  A true “pro-Israel” group does not stay silent about on-going missile attacks, home invasions, kidnappings, bombings, maiming and murders.  A true pro-Israel group does not accept the relentless fictions and accusations of the Arab world.  It does not support boycotting, divesting, sanctioning Israel.  It does not reverse the true victim Israel and support the hate-filled Arab attackers.  It  does not excuse their terrorism “because Israel made me do it.” 
 J Street as a legitimate “pro-Israel” organization is a fraud.   So are the Jewish “leaders” hosting them -  disgraceful and shameful “Useful Idiot Jews.”

posted by Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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