Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Convert to Judaism with our online Gold medal awarded program

We'd be happy to assist to enable you to convert. Our course is a standard traditional conversion course to prepare the prospective convert for conversion, but its uniqueness and success is due to the videos we made to substitute for live lectures  You read the same books, study the same values, define the same terms, review the same questions as the standard brick and mortar conversion courses we have taught for 40 years, but watch brief videos explaining much of  Judaism. After each session you send us the terms we ask you to define so we can monitor your progress but you are under no time pressure. People complete the course at their own pace. There is an essay to compete at the end to submit to our beit din. (3 Rabbis constituting the Rabbinic Court).   We would be happy to answer any questions and call to discuss this further if you like, or just return the completed form to enroll.  write rabbi@jconversion.org

  •     The only conversion program to be recipient of the Gold Medal in Adult Jewish Education
  •      Only distance conversion curriculum developed by  Conservative rabbis for widest perspective                  
  •      You study at your own pace  from the comfort of your home or Starbucks!
  •      Hundreds of our converts particpate actively all over the world
  •      Conversion with our kosher mikveh, and authentic  Conservative, Reform or Reconstructionist beit din of Rabbis.     
  •      Or take our course as prerequisite to convert with your local rabbi
  •      Or provisions if you can't travel and have no local rabbi to convert you    
  •      Conversion learning based on our unique educational videos, plus readings and mentoring
You receive the following documents:
1.     Hebrew and English attestation of conversion signed by beit din
2.     Certificate of course completion signed by beit din chair
3.     Declaration of Faith signed by you and beit din
4.     Note to any other rabbi about the program and  Credentials of beit din

 Some testimonials about our program: 
" We're so glad we chose your program. It was so well organized, thorough, easy to follow, fun, inspiring, a bargain. No wonder it won that gold medal. We feel very prepared for the mikvah. We especially loved the videos and the books you selected were terrific.. We can keep going back for refreshers and reJEWvination in the future! All the rabbis were so professional and friendly. We felt very welcome. Carol, the mikvah lady could not have been kinder or a bigger help.  Biggest plus is we could do it at our own pace and schedule. With our hectic lives and no rabbi near by, it was the best choice."  Tammy "Tamara" 

Here are my last sessions. It was a fantastic learning experience! Thank you so much" David, from Panama

"We learned so much and you made it seem fun and easy." Mary from Monoco

"While searching online I came across your site.  I visited several others, but frankly yours is the most detailed, well-thought, and professional of the lot. After enrolling and taking it, I can vouch to anyone that it is so comprehensive, really fantastic and well organized .There are also no words to properly convey the depth of my appreciation to you Rabbis, yet mere words will have to suffice."  Rob Feb 8

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