Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Obama's policies lead Egypt to go Soviet

Obama's policies lead Egypt to go Soviet

Is there anything Obama can get right? Have you ever seen a more incompetent and pro terrorist western leader?
He gives advanced weapons to Morsi Muslim brotherhood terrorists running Egypt then CUTS OFF aid and weapons when the pro west government takes over, so guess what? just announced
MOSCOW –  The head of Russia's state-controlled industrial holding company says Moscow has signed a deal to provide Egypt with air defense missile systems.

Monday's statement by Russian Technologies chief Sergei Chemezov followed last week's trip to Egypt by Russia's foreign and defense ministries.

Chemezov, whose comments were carried by state RIA Novosti news agency, wouldn't elaborate on the missile deal.

He said that Egypt also expressed interest in other Russian weapons, including combat planes and helicopters, but has funding problems. He said Egypt could ask Russian for a loan to finance the weapons deals.

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