Sunday, April 21, 2013

Interaction with Chabad and non Ortho convert

Dealing with Chabad and non Orthodox converts:
from a convert
"I told you I was going to visit the Chabad center.  Well, you know I try to be more observant.  I included the Chabad center rabbi in on the tefillin query.  He refused to offer assistance, saying that I wasn't Jewish and shouldn't be attempting to do mitzvot!
He went on, later, to send me this link:  In the first few paragraphs of the introduction in this article, it makes inferences of fellow Jews being Nazis, or similar.

Now I know why prophecy is closed and the messianic era isn't here! G-d's own "Chosen People" can't even be halfway decent to one another, much less actually be priests to the nations!!!!

Yes, your beit din warned me.  Yes, I knew of these issues second hand before I ever boarded the plane to Chicago.  Yes, I know Hassidim/Ultra Orthodox are worse.  But it never "hits home" until it personally happens to you.  It was like being hit by a brick thrown intentionally from a new friend.

I don't know what I'll do.  Certainly, to eliminate this, I'll have to go through another conversion.  (You may or may not remember.  I originally tried to convert via orthodox.  But since I couldn't afford to move into their plush lakeside eruv-complete community, they wouldn't allow me to convert as orthodox.  Also, since my wife wasn't a jew!)

It seems to be an impossible situation, created by the orthodox to keep people from becoming orthodox, so they can oppose those who aren't orthodox.

I pray G-d recognizes the utter lack of justice in each and every aspect of this situation"

what I told him? "I wouldn't waste my time or energy on them. Life's too short. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting, supportive people, not negative. You are a Jew, as much as that guy"

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