Thursday, December 6, 2012

J Street's betrayal

Left-wing lobbying group JStreet has long held that it is "pro-Israel and pro-peace." It is hard to see how either of those claims will remain believable after Tuesday night.
The group took credit on Wednesday for effectively killing any possibility that the Palestinians would be held accountable for abandoning the Oslo Accords and discarding its agreements with Israel by going directly to the United Nations in order to receive non-member state status.
The U.S. Senate proposed a bill that would have cut U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority, expelled the PLO from Washington, and threatened to cut funding for the U.N. When the bill was finally passed, all of these provisions were gone.
JStreet claimed that an email campaign undertaken by the group killed the amendments to the bill.
"Thanks to your outstanding efforts," the group wroteto supporters,
the US Senate did NOT include a measure to expel the Palestinian diplomatic mission from the United States in the defense authorization bill which was passed a few minutes ago.... This is a critical victory for the prospects for peace.
It is difficult to see how letting the Palestinians get away, once again, with violating their peace agreements with Israel advances the cause of peace.
What matters is that JStreet is apparently gleeful at having caused the defeat of a pro-Israel bill and thus advancing the Palestinian cause. It seems reasonable to state, then, that JStreet has finally declared its true nature: It is not pro-Israel or pro-peace. It is pro-Palestinian. And nothing else. long distance conversion

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