Thursday, July 5, 2012

question on conversion and reincarnation

Rabbi Ginsburg, 
I have a question regarding gilgul neshamot and the status of the ger at the time of the actual conversion and covenant. I believe in gilgul. However, is this concept of a Jewish soul- Jewish neshamah cleaving to the new convert a strictly Orthodox (Kabbbalistic) belief or does this actually occur with the other denominations within Judaism, regardless if the ger and rabbis believe in this concept? According to the Orthodox tradition, the ger receives a Jewish soul (more or less reborn with a Jewish soul) during the immersion and berachot, is this correct? Is the Jewish neshamah that was present at Har Sinai hovering around (to use a descriptive) the ger until integration? What if one has the desire to be a Jew and does not fulfill the soul’s path? What are the implications spiritually for that person, seeing that the Neshamah was waiting for a cycle to fulfill its soul path and mission? I know these are complex, spiritual, mystical and perhaps even very radical questions, however, the implications are important to me.
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Maimonides says don't specualte, we have no evidence.
He does not have it as one of 13 principles of Jewish faith.
So no definitve answers. Anyone who says so is just staing their beliefs.
I have always taught that
a. a non jew soul is as good as a Jewish soul (as opposed to some thinking)
b. Someone who becomes Jewish is fully, including soul, intergated into Jewsh family
c. Some gerim tell me they have always felt Jewish. I believe them that it is on a soul level

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