Friday, May 11, 2012

conversion anniversary

Anniversary reflections 
I was a convert through the Bet Din in Chicago one year ago today (western calendar) on May 9, 2011 at the conservative mikveh. As you might imagine, today, and really the past few days, I have been reflecting a lot on my conversion, my first year as an halachic Jew, and the blessings and challenges ahead. However, I wanted to take a moment today and thank you so very much for being on that Bet Din and for your attention to me that day. Perhaps the most memorable part of the conversion ceremony for me was after I came up from the waters of the mikveh, recited the first bracha, and the Bet Din responded, "Amen," in one loud voice that, to me at the time, seemed like it could've toppled mountains. What an incredible experience that was. At that moment I realized I was a new person in a better position to resolve old problems.

This year has been given me amazing opportunities for growth, community, and spiritual advancement - and not necessarily in any order. Although I would love to say that I arrived at my spiritual goals by simply becoming a Jew, what I am realizing more and more is that now that I am a Jew, I must continue to grow and perfect where God has placed me. I'm reading an incredible amount of books on halacha, The more I read the more excited I become. However, equal but opposite to that, the more I read the more I realize where I must advance. All in all, this year has been incredible. I continue to take my committment to living a Jewish life very sincerely, and I wish to specifically thank you and the Bet Din for accepting me where I was for who I might become on that day 1 year ago at the Conservative Mikveh.

Again....thank you very very much for everything

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