Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Most important issue of the age-Iran and the election

On the single most important issue of the age, Santorum is by far the best, Obama bad, Paul a nightmare-Iran and a nuclear weapon
Santorum On His Plan To Attack Iran: ‘We’re Trying To Prevent A War’

By Ben Armbruster on Jan 4, 2012 at 10:41 am

The GOP presidential nomination’s newest “not-Romney” alternative Rick Santorum said last Sunday that a military strike is part of his plan in how he’d deal with Iran and its nuclear program should he become president. “You would order air strikes if it became clear that they were going to [get nuclear weapons]?” NBC’s David Gregory asked. “Yes, that’s the plan,” Santorum said.

Glenn Beck yesterday on his radio show asked Santorum about that comment, seeming a little concerned. “There’s a strong part of me that says enough of the wars,” Beck said, saying he was “playing devil’s advocate.” But the former Pennsylvania senator said an attack on Iran would serve to prevent a war:

BECK: There’s a strong part of me that says enough of the wars. Enough of the wars. What are fighting, five wars right now?

SANTORUM: We’re trying to prevent a war. We’re trying to prevent the most nefarious regime in the entire world, you know this is the equivalent of al Qaeda, it’s maybe even worse than al Qaeda being in control of a country with enormous resources and capability.

BECK: This is Hitler.

SANTORUM: We’re trying to prevent them from having the fail safe so they can go out and rein terror around the world.

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