Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Obama willfully allowing Iran to go forward

Ah..that all purpose “raises concerns”….

Spinning like centrifuges….”sporadic”, “report certainly doesn’t assert that Iran has mastered all the necessary technology [to make a weapon] and we agree with that”, “no evidence”, “does not draw any conclusions” etc.

I guess the “smoking gun” that seems to be required will have to be a “ mushroom cloud”.

Now comes the “consulting with the international community” but don’t worry:

Administration officials said Obama expects Iran “to respond to this report by demonstrating to the world the peaceful nature of its program by answering the questions that are raised, very directly, by this IAEA report.”

Hasn’t this been going on for years now? Hasn’t Iran been asked constantly to demonstrate the peaceful nature of its program and to answer questions. The IAEA report itself brings up the fact that Iran has REFUSED to answer many questions. Did the WH even read the IAEA report?

Tick..tock..tick tock…

From ed Lasky

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