Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Buy Israel Bonds now www.rabbijonathanginsburg.net

There is no better way for your members to support Israel than through a Bond purchase and there is no more compelling deliverer of this message than you.

With the attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo, the venom and hatred directed at Israel from Turkey, regime change and pro-democracy demonstrations throughout the Arab world, and of course the Palestinian’s petition to the UN for statehood, now is the time for every Jew to show their solidarity with Israel.

The strong message of solidarity in every purchase of an Israel Bond is unmistakable when you make out your check to State of Israel and the feeling of connection is lasting and satisfying.

In these uncertain economic times rabbis and community leaders need not hesitate to mention supporting Israel with a State of Israel Bonds purchase because they are an investment not a donation. Moreover the State of Israel has never missed an interest or redemption payment ever.

contact your regional Israel Bonds office (see www.israelbonds.com for local contact information)

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