Tuesday, June 28, 2011

GLEN Beck one of Israel's biggest supporters helps

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Glenn Beck to teach MKs how to fight Israel's deligitimization
American talk show host Glenn Beck, known for his support of Israel, is soon to visit • Beck will explain to MKs how to fight delegitimization, ahead of an expected U.N. move this September.

Glenn Beck: ‘A friend of Israel who is sharing his talents.’ | Photo credit: Yehoshua Yosef

Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck will arrive in Israel in two weeks to teach Knesset members how to combat delegitimization as part of Israeli public relations preparations before the Palestinian Authority's expected unilateral request to the United Nations this September to be recognized as an independent state.

Over the past two years, Beck has served as one of Israel's greatest supporters and advocates in the U.S. Last month, he met with MK Danny Danon (Likud) to discuss Israel's global public diplomacy effort, focusing specifically on efforts in the U.N. Danon invited Beck to visit the Knesset to transmit his message to Israeli lawmakers and to give them tools to deal with one of the most complex arenas in which Israel operates. Beck will explain to MKs how to recruit friendly nations and U.S. public opinion to Israel's side.

Since the events surrounding the Turkish flotilla in 2010, Beck has intensified his pro-Israel stance, and his programs on Fox News and on the radio station that he owns have enjoyed immense popularity. However, as Beck's popularity has increased, so has criticism of him in the U.S., where he is considered a controversial media personality.

“As we face a foul wave of hatred of Israel and Jews in the world, it’s good that Israel has friends who can contribute their talents to our efforts to explain Israel's position,” Danon said. “The [Knesset] Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee will convene during Beck's visit to say in a loud voice that September is not just a crisis, it’s a historic opportunity to explain to the world that we are not conquering anything from anyone here.”

Senior government sources in Jerusalem expect that numerous states will change their minds and will oppose the creation of a Palestinian state.

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