Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My study sheet for Dec 24-25 services

-New Testament falsifies truth about Jews killing Jesus.
1. Accounts written 50-200 years later. Paul never knew Jesus. Gospels contradict one another on details
2. At odds with Sanhedrin practices:
1. never met at night or day preceding Shabbat and Holidays
2. never reached verdict day-and crucifixion anti-Jewish law
3. death penalty very rare “one in seventy years” turn over Jew to Romans
4. Pontius Pilate actually slaughtered Galileans and Samaritans with impunity
5. NT falsifies truth because of
1. political (allay Roman concerns vis Christians)
2. theological-blame Jews to improve pr vis pagans for conversion
6. Vatican 2 officially nullified charge of Deicide for Jews among Catholics
-Jews don’t blame today’s Christians for 2000 years of pogroms. Why do some Christians blame Jews for supposed complicity in events 2000 years ago?
1. Faithful Jew. Message directed at Jews. All his apostles and earliest Christians were Jews. Jews did not kill Jesus, Jews produced Jesus.
He intended to reform Judaism, not start own religion. Steinberg-“he propounded no ethical doctrine in which Jewish tradition had not anticipated him….In the few respects Jesus deviated from the Tradition, he blundered.”
2. Not God. God cannot be a thing.
3. Not the Messiah. The Jewish criteria were not met. Many false messiahs.
Hebrew bible proofs?- mistranslations, misunderstandings, NT changed facts to fit the verses. Virgin birth stories common in Greco-Roman mythology. Prior to Constantine, Jews sources scarcely took cognizance of Christianity, regarded it as an irritant, an exasperating heresy among Jews who should have known better (Nuesner)
4. If Christians want to believe Jesus is God, no problem, just be good and don’t try and seduce Jews away from Judaism.
5. Jews for Jesus have renounced Judaism and are apostates.
6. Asking why Jews don’t accept Jesus makes as much sense as asking Christians why they don’t accept the Muslims assertions that Mohammed represents a newer, better revelation and convincing Muslims that Mormans have a newer, better revelation. Num. 12-Moses alone I speak to mouth to mouth. All others in dreams and visions. Judaism provides all the answers Jews needed to love the virtuous and holy life and we believe in the brit with God.

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