Friday, October 15, 2010

Shame on Jan Schakowski Illinois 9 Congresswoman

J Street PAC has teamed up with Jan Schakowsky to attack our campaign’s pro-America, pro-Israel event this evening: “The U.S. & Israel: Winning the Media War.”
In an email to supporters (below), J Street PAC--which has given tens of thousands of dollars to Schakowsky--attacks pro-Israel speakers Jennifer Rubin and Daniel Pipes, both of whom are going to be speaking at our event this evening (7016 Carpenter, Skokie IL, 7:00-9:00 p.m.).
J Street’s email also includes a message from Schakowsky:
“I reject calls by my GOP opponent to return campaign contributions from JStreetPAC and his cynical attempt to turn Israel into a partisan wedge issue at this delicate and potentially historic moment. I stand behind President Obama's efforts to provide Israel with the lasting peace and security that only a two-state solution can achieve. And I commend JStreetPAC for its ongoing efforts to encourage debate and broaden the pro-Israel tent.”
It is radical groups like J Street--sponsored by George Soros and foreign donors--that have made Israel into a political football. Today, while 85% of Republicans support Israel, only 48% of Democrats do. That is the direct result of pressure groups like J Street, together with the Obama administration’s ill treatment of Israel, and the weakness of Democratic leaders in confronting the anti-Israel radicals in their midst.
Jan Schakowsky has decided where she stands: with J Street and against Israel’s strongest defenders--not just Rubin and Pipes, but Elie Wiesel, Alan Dershowitz, Joe Lieberman, and Malcolm Hoenlein, each of whom has been attacked by J Street in recent months.
A true leader on Israel would not stand with a group that lies about taking foreign money and trashes America’s best ally. Schakowsky has to go!

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