Monday, August 2, 2010

Don't change the name Conservative

I agree with all those who say it is wrong to change our name. Took 100 years to make it well known. We need better branding. Be ubiquitous. Talk about Conservative Judaism as Reform and Orthodox talk about theirs. Be a bit less klal yisrael in that sense. Trumpet our positives-centrist, traditional yet evolving, real normative organic Judaism that 1. has not stopped evolving 400 years ago and 2. does not abandon and embrace without basis every new alien development. A movement for those who want more than folk songs and less than fanaticism. Every time some says or writes anything from any of us it should Conservative.( I have a problem because my shull pays dues too to Recon fed. too and almost no one there could give you one sentence about Reconstructionist Judaism and that is after many decades. ). True 21st century Judaism is Conservative. We will spend all of our time explaining the new name and lose whatever institutional loyalty we have. It is a very dumb idea in my view.

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