Monday, August 18, 2008

On Eikev

t 18, 2008
Parashat Eikev

Below is a condensed summary of AIPAC's Synagogue Initiative Sermon Tidbits for Eikev. The complete version of Tidbits is two pages long and a quick reading of the summary below should indicate if this Tidbit interests you.

Have No Fear - Moses directs the Jewish people not to fear going into battle because of God's commandment to defend the nation. Today it remains important for us to be assertive in defending the Jewish people by working with Congress to ensure that the U.S. remains committed to Israel 's qualitative military edge. Click here to view the complete Tidbits for Eikev.

Words of Thanks - Reciting blessings instills in us the value of hakarat hatov – expressing appreciating for the good that God and others do for us. Today we have a wonderful opportunity to express our hakarat hatov to the majority of Congress who recently voiced their support for tougher sanctions against Iran . Click here to view the complete Tidbits for Eikev.

Looking for Trouble - Moses tells the Jewish people that they will emerge victorious in battle because their adversaries, like Sichon and Og, had instigated unprovoked aggression towards the Jewish nation. Today, like Sichon and Og who suffered for their acrimony, so too the Iranian government is suffering for their own animosity, in the form of increasingly harsh sanctions. Click here to view the complete Tidbits for Eikev.

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